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Manual for Basketball Referees’

Dear referee, The purpose of this Manual for Basketball Refe-rees’ Physical Training is to provide fitness and training guidelines for all basketball referees. The Manual provides information and instructions on setting up a routine fitness programme design-ed to prepare officials for the physical demands of basketball officiating.

Referee Training Center. 2021-22 Collegiate Men's Basketball ...

The only official source for college basketball mechanics is the Basketball Officiating Manual from the CCA. When you pair your rules knowledge with advanced mechanics, illustrated with MechaniGram® graphics from Referee, you will confidently be in the right place at the right time to make every call.

Basketball Officials Manual - Michigan High School Athletic ...

MHSAA Basketball Officials Manual – Crews of 2 and 3 5 begins when the habitual trying or tapping movement starts and ends when the ball is clearly in flight. Whether the clock is running or is stopped has no influence on the counting of a goal. A ball that touches the front face or edges of the

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basketball officiating mechanics is two-fold: 1) to put officials in the right place at the right time looking at the right thing to increase the likelihood of making the right call, and 2) to foster an obvious and visible element of uniformity and consistency amongst all the basketball officials of the MHSAA. PURPOSE 2


PART 3 OF THE NFHS BASKETBALL OFFICIALS MANUAL‐#3 Signal Chart #3 When a held ball occurs, the covering official(s) must stop the clock using signal #2 (straight arm, open palm extended) while simultaneously sounding the whistle then give the held ball signal. www.nfhs.org

2021-23 NFHS Basketball Officials UPDATE

2021-23 Basketball Officials Manual Update 2-14 (NEW) SHOT CLOCK By state association adoption, effective with the 2022-2023 season, member state associations may establish a shot clock in which the team in control shall attempt a try for field goal within 35 seconds after gaining team control.

Officials Handbook | NJSIAA

Officials Handbook The NJSIAA provides the Officals Handbook for the benefit of all officials and member schools in our state. To achieve officiating excellence an official must combine knowledge of the rules and of the game with proper mechanics and decision-making skills.

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http://sportvideos.com/ and Bob Scofield present this clip for anybody who wants to learn to be a good basketball referee. To purchase this DVD or download t...