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NHL Point Spread Betting Guide - Understand NHL Spread Bets

The NHL point spread, or line, is used to handicap the favorite team. This is expressed via the number of goals the favorite is expected to win by. If you bet against the spread and take the underdog, the spread is a chance to bet on the loser of the game but still win your wager. Brand Disclaimer.

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How Point Spread Work. The hockey point spread is therefore essentially used to ‘handicap’ the favorite team and split the wagering evenly on both sides. The hockey point spread can range between 1 and 2.5 points. A team winning by more than 3 goals is a rare occurrence, though not entirely an impossible one.

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A Beginner's Guide to Betting on NHL Hockey

Betting on Hockey . Before a person can start to bet the NHL, it's important they have a solid understanding of the money line.The money line is the most common method of betting the NHL, although there is also a puck line, which will be discussed a bit later, as well as totals.

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How To Bet On The Spread In The NHL. The NHL Goal line is a type of spread installed for each game on the schedule during the week. But unlike the NFL or NBA, the NHL goal line is a set number a 1.5 goals. A team will then be set in the role of having to cover that spread, which is always the team that is set as the favorite on the moneyline.

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The point spread - also called "the line" or "the spread" - is used as a margin to handicap the favorite team. For betting purposes, the oddsmaker predicts that the favored team will win by a...

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The point spread in hockey odds is often referred to as the puck line. In the NHL, the puck line is almost always set at 1.5, meaning the favorite needs to win by two or more goals.

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If you choose the -1.5 spread your team must win by 2 or more goals. If you choose the +1.5 spread your team must win the game, tie, or lose by 1 goal to win the bet. OLG Proline in Ontario and WCLC Sport Select in Western Canada offer NHL point-spread betting but they have different rules.

Point Spread Betting - How Does Spread Betting Work?

Hockey spreads are similar to baseball spreads in that the spread is standardized, and the odds associated with the spread are adjusted to balance the action between both bets. Just like with baseball, hockey spreads are 1.5, although at times, 2.5-goal spreads are available.