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Definition: Stroke used in a game of tennis when the ball goes to the forehand side of a player. See Wikipedia Definition. Before ball arrives always be in the "ready position" on the balls of your feet and knees slightly bent. Back swing with side turned to target: pivot on non-racket foot, bring racket back, move whole arm (wrist is locked), weight on back foot.

Tennis Forehand Technique – 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand

Index finger can easily support the weight of the racket. It gives us very good support under the racket, and the racket rests nicely. So, check how your current forehand grip looks and make sure you add this little index finger technique in there so that your racket will be more stable in your hand.

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The difference between an inside-out forehand vs an inside-in forehand (for a right-handed player). In this drill, let’s say that a coach is hand-feeding a series of balls and asks the player to move around their backhand, to execute the desired shot (i.e. hit the forehand inside-out to the opposite corner).

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Tennis Forehand Cues: Knees bent - ready to move to ball. Side to target. Racket pulled way back - reach to the wall. Step with opposite foot when contacting the ball. Follow through - reach to the sky on other side of body.

CRITICAL ELEMENTS & CUES Shot name: Forehand Shot name: Backhand

CRITICAL ELEMENTS & CUES Shot name: Forehand A forehand stroke is a return on the dominant side of the body using your dominant hand. 1. Grip a. Shake hands with racket b. Make ‘V’ with thumb and index finger c. Relaxed, firm wrist grip 2. Stance a. Knees bent b. Arm extended c. Racket ready on dominant side 3. Contact a. Racket face up b.

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Level 3: Alternate forehand and backhands. Coaching Cues: Tap up ball eye-high and bend your knees. Activity #2: Rally Now! (Foam or Red Ball, 10 Minutes) TIP: Demo Forehand. 1. Mid-Service Box / racquet in front, starting at contact point. 2. Service Line / racquet to side, extend to finish. Setup • Players in pairs spread out on each side of net.

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A tennis forehand is one of the two types of groundstrokes. It refers to a shot performed from the baseline with the racket held in your dominant hand. For a right-handed player the forehand swing starts on the right side of your body, continues forward and across your body as you contact the ball (at this point the palm of your hand is turned away from your body), and finishes on the left side of your body.